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Hey peoples of the interweb! I'm Kaye, I'm 18. My blog isn't beautiful, or inspirational, it's pretty much things I like, and thats about it.
I’m changing my race. I’m going to become a French Acadian Black!

My Dad. 




how the fuck do some girls get boyfriends so easily like wtf do you just create them in your basement or what


In just seven days, oh baby, I can make you a maaaaaaaaan

I believe that Rocky Horror fans just stole a text post and I love it.

I know I’m not the prettiest girl, 

I know I’m not the skinniest,

I’m not the sweetest,

Nor am I the smartest. 

I’ve had my moments, 

I’ve gone away to University,

and I’ve returned.

I’ve tried to get over you, 

and I’ve accepted that I’m not going to get over you. 

I’m sorry if you think I’m “creepy” or “weird” or “a stalker” 

I know I hardly know you, and I know you’d never date me. 

But I just think you should know,

That regardless of your opinions on me, 

regardless if you run away from me or not.

I still think you’re attractive.

I still think you’re sweet.

And I still think you’re a really great guy. 

I’m sorry you don’t feel the same. 

Because if any guy were to care about me the way I care about you.

I’d be the luckiest girl in the world. 

Archie Wilshere in blue


This little guy needed a break mid-walk


This little guy needed a break mid-walk


This is my favorite


This is my favorite

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